Confession of a Christian virgin

I was on Omegle this morning doing something I shouldn't. The man in the cam showed his torso and later other parts. I showed my breasts, backside, and face. Near the end of our conversation he said that he wanted to show me something. I suddenly saw myself nude like a video replaying on his screen. He recorded everything I done. He threatened me and said that he would post it to youtube and porn sites if i didnt do as he said. i quickly put on my clothes and said out loud "Lord Jesus forgive me!!" I started witnessing to him, telling him my testimony and that the Lord can forgive him. He didn't listen. I ended the conversation. I know he cannot post it to youtube because they monitor it and ban nudity of a sexual nature.

I confessed my sins immediately. I am NEVER doing this again. I believe this is my punishment. I believe that the Lord has forgiven me, but I cannot forgive myself. I know God can do anything. I am praying that He will stop this man from posting this video. I didn't give him any information other than Jess and my age. Still it is upsetting. God can make the man delete it, convict him, put a virus on his computer, anything to stop it I know. I just hope and praying God does. I love the Lord. I have backslid, but now I am back. I am terribly sick about this. It makes me sick. I am not so nervous because I have confessed, but I dont want him to use the video to tempt anybody on the net. I don't want that! Please Lord Jesus stop this video.

Somebody please let me know it will be okay. I will never do this again. This was my first time showing all that on cam. So awlful. I have taped up and covered my cam on my laptop. I should have never done this.

Help. -- Im a virgin too. Ugh I feel like a prostitute. Please God help me. How do I get through this??