The Boob-ometer

Rating: 3/3
Language: English
Works on: All webcam chat sites
Customization: Two different overlays - select yours.
Review: Very simple but efficient game. Girls get curious about how it works and once they figure out the magic, they want to measure their boobs. You may help them out with instructions or sit back and enjoy the fun.

How to use The Boob-ometer?

1. Open ManyCam and click the "Effects" tab.
2. Click Add new effect and import the boob-ometer file. It should be imported as an object, so it will be an overlay. Select a name for it, can be simply "boob-ometer".
3. Click the "Sources" tab in ManyCam and set your source to desktop. Pan it on the partner's Omegle window.
4. Set the virtual webcam as your source of cam and start measuring some boobs.
5. Works well with ManyCam and WebcamMax.